RUM CAKE LADY CUBAN CAFE Now taking orders for Christmas and New Years! We will be shipping Christmas orders on December 18th and New Years orders on December 26th. For corporate orders, email is at rumcakeladycafe@gmail.com

Blue Ridge, GA

W. Christmas Rum Cakes

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W. Christmas Rum Cakes

Our famous rum cakes, decorated with a beautiful Christmas ribbon, tag and served on an elegant silver tray! Five flavors to choose from.

These Rum cakes will be shipped on December 18th, to guarantee Christmas arrival.

Once received, you can leave at room temperature until ready to eat, as they have a two week shelf life. If you would like to preserve the intensity of the rum, freeze in it’s own packaging until ready to eat. Thaw on counter at room temperature the morning of Christmas or the day you will be eating it. It will be moist as if it was just baked! Do not refrigerate as it will make it dry. 

1. Original Golden Rum Cake with Almonds

2. Limoncello Rum Cake, lemon rum cake with Italian Limoncello Liquor drizzle, no almonds

3. Chocolate Rum Cake with Almonds

4. Salted Caramel Chocolate Rum Cake, no almonds

5. Cuba Libre Rum Cake, based on the famous Cuban drink, rum and Coke make this a unique and delicious rum cake! No almonds. 

Note: Ribbons and decorations may be different that pictured, based on availability. I will make sure they are still beautiful!

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