Y. Cafetera Cubana “Moka Pot” and café Bustelo
Y. Cafetera Cubana “Moka Pot” and café Bustelo

Y. Cafetera Cubana “Moka Pot” and café Bustelo

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New Espresso Coffee Maker 3 Cup and 10 ounce brick of Bustelo ground coffee!

The coffee Maker express is the best of all coffee percolators. Brews a perfectly strong espresso coffee! It is made or hard aluminum and can be used on any cooking appliance. Easy to use, no filters to buy or complicated gadgets. 

After a few minutes it will brew an excellent cup of aromatic coffee.

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Instruction for use: Fill the lower container with water. Put the Funnel filter in the container, and fill it with medium ground coffee, taking care not to press the coffee down to firmly.
Screw the upper section to the lower container., making sure that the filter and rubber gasket in the underside of the upper section are in position.
This ensures a perfect seal when the two halves are tightly screwed together. This is important.
The coffee percolator is then put on the cooking appliance and in a few minutes coffee will gush in the upper container.
Immediately the coffee has ceased flowing the percolator should be removed from the heat.

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