About us

Bienvenidos! We are a family-owned, fast-casual counter-service cafe offering authentic Cuban comfort food, just like “mami” used to make, and our famous rum cakes in the beautiful cities of Blue Ridge, and MCCaysville, Georgia!

Liz Correa, Rum Cake Lady, was born in Camagüey, Cuba. After living in Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida; Liz and her husband, young son and sister Susan moved to Blue Ridge looking for a slower pace of life.

After one year of “retirement”, she started baking her family recipe rum cakes and selling them at local farmers markets. Seeing a need for authentic Cuban food, she opened The Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe in 2015. The Blue Ridge location followed in 2017 and the MCCaysville location in 2019. The original location is now where she bakes the rum cakes and prepares most of the food and supplies warehouse.

Some words from Liz:

“When we arrived in Blue Ridge in 2012, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my passion for Cuban food, coffee and rum cakes would ever have the acceptance it has had in our community. It has not been an easy road as one of the few ethnic restaurants, but that’s a story for another day, lol!

I am grateful beyond measure that I can cook the food I love, the food of my people, simple-home cooking passed down from my mother and grandmother, and have customers enjoy it. A dream come true! I wish you can feel like home when you visit us and taste the love put into cooking my family's recipes.

And please ask for me, I love to meet our customers and hear their stories too!”


Thanks & Best Regards

CEO Elizabeth Correa