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Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe

C3. Christmas Bundt Cakes

C3. Christmas Bundt Cakes

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Our famous award winning rum cakes, made with real rum, decorated with a beautiful Holiday ribbon, holiday tag and elegantly wrapped in cellophane! If you would like to send a greeting with the rum cake, write it in the NOTES section at checkout, and we will include it with the order. Questions or requests email me directly at

This rum cake will ship on Monday December 18th for Christmas arrival. Orders placed after December 10th may arrive by Christmas but it is not guaranteed. If you want it shipped at another date, send us a note at checkout. 

Choose from the following flavors;

1. Original Golden Rum Cake with Almonds

2. Limoncello Rum Cake (lemon rum cake with Italian Limoncello liquor glaze, no almonds)

3. Salted Caramel Chocolate Rum Cake (no almonds)

4. Cuba Libre (no almonds)

How to enjoy: Once received, you can leave at room temperature until ready to eat, as they have a two week shelf life. If you would like to preserve the intensity of the rum, freeze in it’s own packaging until ready to eat. Thaw on counter at room temperature the morning of Christmas or the day you will be eating it. It will be moist as if it was just baked! Do not refrigerate as it will make it dry. 

Note: Ribbons and decorations may be different that pictured, based on availability. I will make sure they are still beautiful!


We love our customers and appreciate that they want to share the love with our Rum Cakes!

We use USPS 2-DAY PRIORITY MAIL, so you will receive your order fresh and ready to enjoy! 

Shipping schedule

We ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We do not ship on Fridays or Saturdays to avoid having your precious rum cakes sitting in a warehouse over the weekend! 

Dates shipped and approximate arrival times:

  • Order Monday, baked and shipped on Tuesday, arrives Thursday-Friday 
  • Order Tuesday, baked and shipped on Wednesday, arrives Friday-Saturday 
  • Order Wednesday, baked and shipped on Thursday, arrives Saturday-Monday 
  • Order Thursday, baked on Monday, ships Tuesday, arrives Thursday-Friday  
  • Order Friday, baked on Monday, ships Tuesday, arrives Thursday-Friday 
  • Order Saturday, baked on Monday, ships Tuesday, arrives Thursday-Friday 
  • Order Sunday, baked on Monday, ships Tuesday, arrives Thursday-Friday 

Note: It is not guaranteed that it will arrive in 2-days with the current delays. Some areas are 3-day ship, as they require one more day of travel. If you need your order for a specific date, please order one week in advance to make sure it arrives on time. 

Shipping prices:

Our new shipping rates are very economical, so bundle up your orders and make the best of these special rates while they are available! 

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones! If you need to place multiple orders to different addresses and prefer it if we would arrange it for you, feel free to email us at or call us at 706-946-4525 or 423-548-2253. If we are busy baking or helping other customers, feel free to leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. 


Email us your list and we do it all for you! Special corporate rates for orders of 12 large rum cakes or more. We will email you an invoice once we have shipping total calculated. You can also use your own Corporate shipping account, just email us the shipping labels (or mail us the printed labels). We will also add to each order a custom note from you!


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